How to Create Your Own Blog and on Blogger with Easy

How to make your own blog Enough easy and practical, especially There is many platforms that can used, for one are Bloggers. The first step you can done in blogging is _ choose web hosting that will used. if you worry will There is Language necessary programming _ mastered, calm down course, way Create a blog on Blogger and other platforms seldom someone needs _ Language programming.

So you more reliable create a blog, following Tajwid Daily Already summarizes a number of method create a personal blog nor For organization on Blogger. Come on, see until end article This yes !


How to Create a Blog

Blogs are A the type of website that loads content in written form various topic. In general, blog posts will aired from most recent content until longest content. Own blog own various type category, like digital magazines, online journals, articles lessons, and tutorials. Although contains writing, blogs can also be equipped with visual content, eg pictures, videos, up to infographics.

By studying method create a personal blog, you can too build a portfolio website individual who can used For advance career you. Then, how method blog? Following information complete.

1.      Determine the blog niche

Before start create a blog, you need determine topic What only will _ discussed in that blog. if you currently developing websites for your online business, you should write around product or your services _ sell. You can also choose the right blog niche build your website's reputation in topic the.

As information, niche is bunch topic to be the focus area from a blog. if you sell digital marketing services, writing blogs containing tips, tutorials, and news around digital marketing will help increase brand awareness as expert in his field.

2.      Choose a blogging platform

After determine the blog niche, how for the next blog is choose a platform. Basically, blogging platforms are working software For create, manage, and publish content in a blog. Brоаdlу speaking, thеrе are twо tуреѕ of blоggіng рlаtfоrmѕ, nаmеlу frее рlаtfоrmѕ аnd ѕеlf-hоѕtеd рlаtfоrmѕ.

The free platform in question is Blogger,, Wix, or Tumblr. those platforms very easy indeed used and not need cost a penny. Temporary it, a self-hosted platform is type of software for create a blog where you can change whole arrangement in accordance with wants and needs.

3.      Define domain name

Domains are own unique URL address _ any website user order more easy recognize it. Although No in a manner direct impact to success a blog, election appropriate domain name with Name business or blog content will role important in speed up growth your site.

if you want to blogging about _ estate, relevant URL address would _ give clear picture _ to users and search engines regarding the content contained in it .

4.      Install a blogging platform

Now you Already have two things you need For make a website for a blog, namely hosting and domain. If earlier You Not yet choose CMS (Content Management System) For installed in a manner automatic, you can do it manually with _ easy . CMS has a number of very important benefit for you want _ starting your own blog or website:

  • Hеlр build a wеbѕіtе оr blog wіthоut рrоgrаmmіng оr coding knоwlеdgе.
  • Simplify the writing process content in a manner direct.
  • Help increase efficiency making content without need worrying side technical from the website.
  • Simplify addition feature new with plugins.
  • Simplifies the setup process blog view with theme or free templates.

this time there is three of the most popular CMS used worldwide, namely WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.


How to Create a Blog on Blogger

As already _ mentioned before, article This No only will discuss method blogging, but also discussing How steps create a blog on blogger.

As information, blogger is one of the provider platforms service For publish a blog. This platform made by Google is very familiar among blog owners. The features in it are very helpful For manage blogging activity.

Curious How method create a blog on blogger? Following guide complete method create a blog on blogger only For you.

1.      Create a Blogger Account

First thing to do You do For creating a blog on Blogger is make account. The method easy, you only need Google account and make sure You already logged in with account the. Google account required For access all facilities in Blogger. After you log in with Google account, you Can start For Create a blog on Blogger.

2.      Create a Blog

  • Open Blogger on the browser, then click 'Create Your Blog' For start. Login tо your Google account ѕеlесt.

  • Then you will requested For complete the blog list. Write the title of your blog in the column 'Title' Then content website address.

  • For website address, specify Name no address yet Once taken by other users on Blogger. If the website address is Already Once used, you will requested For replace to Name address other.
  • After all finished, click ' Create Blog '. your blog Already succeed made! you will direct directed to the Blogger dashboard view like following.
  • For see view of the blog created, you Can click 'View Blog' on the side left under the dashboard.

3.      Create post or Pages

Every blog for sure need post / content For filling out the blog. Well, for to begin with, you Can Click the button labeled 'New Post'. you will directed For make post first on your blog.

You can make content What just you _ want on the page for post new. There are settings font type, text style, size, color, layout and more For organize the writing / content that is made . So can you add pictures and also videos on posts.

Which is not lost importantly, you can too set post settings with define labels, schedule (for arrange publish schedule) and also the permalink on the side right page. After all finished, click 'Publish' to displays post it on your blog, or you can too save it as a draft with click sign arrow back next to the Blogger logo if Not yet ready to publish.

Besides making post, you can too create and organize page on the blog on Blogger. On the menu tab, click 'Pages' and select 'New Page' For make page new to your blog.

you will redirected to page editor page. Fill in the title page you in the column 'Page' then write the information you want You say on the page the. After done, click 'Publish' and page You Already succeed made. For delete or edit already page _ yes, can choose option in the page edit menu.

4.      Organize Appearance

Arrange blog display on Blogger is done with edit blog theme. Click 'Theme' on the side left page. After clicked, the site will show moderate theme _ use on your blog. For replace it, you can scroll to lower page the If You want to replace theme from an existing template Bloggers provide.

If templates are missing according to you You can download the Blogger themes that you like want from another site. You can download Blogger theme templates at btemplates, templateclue, soratetemplates and others that can You search on Google.

After Download the theme template that you like want from another site, you need to install the theme it on Blogger. Downloaded theme files _ usually will has an XML document format.

first step is to install the template click 'Theme' on the side left page. After it, the site will be show moderate theme _ use on your blog. Click sign arrow to down on the side right 'Customize' button, then select 'Restore' > 'Upload'.

 Select an existing template theme file You download earlier with the XML Document file format, then click 'Open'. Wait a number of when, after succeed You Can see blog view with click 'View your blog'.

5.      Setting the Blog Layout

Way to setting the layout on Blogger is with Click the 'Layout' menu on the dashboard. here _ You Can set the layout of the blog accordingly desire. After click layout, you will see the outline of your blog have. How to set it up is simply drag the layout boxes to the place you want. After finished set it up, click 'Save arrangement'.

can you add feature in your blog can used by visitors, for example search box, translate, subscribe button, and others. To do this, click 'Add a gadget' on the edit layout page, select it features you want added and click 'Save'.

6.      Blog Publication

Your blog already succeed made after all step above _ Already You follow. You can see existing blog view So with click 'View your blog' on the dashboard.

7.      Settings Addition

For organize and customize all aspect from the new blog you, you can exploring a number of feature arrangement addition following this.

  • Arrangement base

For open suit arrangement basic, click on the dashboard 'Settings' > 'Basic'. You can edit blog title in the column 'Title' and contents column 'Description' with write what is discussed in your blog. It will increase search on Google. In your 'Privacy' Can select 'Visible to search engines' so that your blog Can searched on search engines.

  • Language and formatting 

Arrangement language and formatting Can with fill in column 'Blog language'. Choose desired language on the blog. So can you change your time zone format want with edit the 'Time zone' in the 'Formatting' section.

  • Arrangement posting , commenting , and sharing

For set it up, you can scroll to lower settings in the 'Posts and comments' section. In the 'Max posts shows on main page' column in the 'Post' section, you Can arrange amount posts displayed on the page main blog.

In the 'Comments' section the comment location embedded means comment will embedded / shown below _ post. So can you arrange Who only can _ comments, moderation comments and more .

  • SEO settings

SEO settings can too You do it on Blogger. Set preferences search on the blog by scrolling to under the settings menu in the 'Meta tags' section. Click 'Enable search description' then ssi description in the column 'Search description' with write the topics discussed on your blog in outline. Writing on meta tags is limited with total 150 characters.

  • Arrangement user

 Arrangement user can seen in the 'User settings' menu. You can edit the user profile in the General section. Set privacy, identity and photos profile you. Besides that, you can too complete location, job, and information addition other about yourself. If you have done, click 'Save settings' to save it.

Already Know How to Create a Blog?

That's method make your own blog and on blogger. How? It's not difficult No create a personal blog? Apart from taking care of things technically, you should too expand outlook with look for material reading from various reference. Visit blogs that can inspire you and don't limit reading only from a similar blog with you.

Not only read the reference blog, you also need prepare trusted domain and hosting _ _ Come on, have your own domain so image of your blog/website the more superior and reliable.