11 Interesting Simple Web Design Examples For Inspiration

You want build web and medium look for example design simple website? Web design becomes element important For create experience good user.  Although design complex website  with awesome animations and visual effects can become an interesting choice, often design simple website still become choice many people.if you interested with design simple website  However interesting, let's see example design simple web that can become inspiration you!

Interesting Simple Web Design Examples

Following This a number of example design simple website for you intend  build website:

1.      Google

Google is a well - known website and become one  example design simple web. Appearance minimalistic Google interface possible user For with easy do search with fast.

Website also offers design interesting so that capable push visitors For exploring more continue. Simple logo However iconic become trademarks company the. Don't miss the features either such as Google Images, Google Maps, and Google News are included give benefit for user.

With service quality high make Google be the world's most popular search engine and to be one company biggest.

2.      Apples

Example design simple website  that is from Apple. Appearance elegant and simple on this website direct can alluring visitors when first time accessing it. The design does n't too complex However still capable create modern and professional impression.

Intuitive and easy navigation  understood make it easy user For find the information they have search . Attractive design and experience good user  make Apple's website to be ideal place for exploring product latest from company the .

3.      Woorank

Woorank is A helpful platform  user in analyze and improve performance website . Woorank website own simple design  so make it easy user For access the features provided .

Woorank possible user perform SEO audits for identify existing problems and opportunities  on their website . Besides that service it also delivers clear recommendations  as well as easy implemented For increase rating and visibility in the engine seeker. The advantages of this site lies in an attractive, intuitive design as well as convenience access information.

4.      Spotify

Who does n't know Spotify service, a very popular online music streaming platform all over the world. The Spotify website provides access For listen music favorite user from various genres for free or through premium subscription.

Spotify has design interesting website with appearance very simple very user friendly start from page mainly . Besides that organized content  with Good possible user with easy search and choose desired song .

With the site design capable increase experience user and invite user For Keep going use this platform .

5.      Dropbox

Dropbox is one  example simple website , this is A service file storage which is very popular all over the world. The Dropbox site has simple design  However effective so that make user with easy manage their files in a manner comfortable. Simple and intuitive design of the Dropbox website makes it easy user in find the function that they are need . By combination design simple and attractive , Dropbox is capable give good experience  to user , so making Dropbox one of the most popular file storage platforms .

6.      Squarespace

Squarespace is easy platform  user in create and manage websites .  The Squarespace website provides various possible templates and tools  user For make Appearance and functionality of the site are appropriate need .

User can with easy edit and update content without need understanding deep coding .  With lots choice templates and designs , users can make their website professional    want . Support good customer too be  Squarespace profits , they are Ready help user with question or problem .

7.      Pinterest

Example design simple website furthermore namely Pinterest which has made since year 2010. This site own design simple and user friendly friendly good For user new nor old.

User can exploring lots of interesting ideas with various topic like fashion , art , travel, crafts , and more Lots again . The Pinterest site displays design interesting combine  images and text with ok . Besides that users can too make board collection with various picture interesting Then share it to user other . With features innovative and design Interestingly , Pinterest is becoming a popular platform for lovers  creativity and inspiration around the world.

8.      Etsy

Etsy is a focused e -commerce platform sell product craft hands . With a friendly layout users , visitors with easy can find the product they are search . The website also makes it easy seller For upload and sell product them . A number of feature complementary like feature message in platforms allow buyers and sellers communicate in a manner direct .

In search product , user can exploring offered categories and subcategories , as well use feature search For find product based on keywords. With features With that and an attractive design , the Etsy website becomes objective popular for the fans craft hands .

9.      Medium

Medium is one  example design simple web that will We discuss . Mediums themselves is a blogging platform built by Evan Williams in 2012. The Medium site has simple design , attractive , as well make it easy user For write and share story there.

Interactive features possible reader give response and interact with writer . on this platform anyone can  register and get started write , even potentially get income from publication them . Simple web design and intuitive layout   make Medium be choice popular for writers and readers For various story and search knowledge .

10.  Github

Github is a popular website among developers and programmers .   Service This created in 2008 with  provide platform for user For share , save , and manage their program code . One  superiority main from Github is design its simple web .  Intuitive user interface make it easy user For access and understand various available features .  Interesting design on Github possible user For change theme appearance in accordance preference they as well as adapt features other . That way Github become many places  visited and used by developers device software worldwide .

11.  Aqua

Aqua is A famous brand  in industrial drinking water produced by the company drink PT Aqua Golden Mississippi located in Indonesia. Not only its products are famous everywhere. Aqua is also supported with websites that have display is very simple , with Dominant pictures and minimal long text .

Aqua website navigation is great well , with a menu that includes about Aqua, Aqua products , and articles about the goodness of water, which lies in part on page make user easy in find information about product the . The colors used follow element Aqua, with domination color blue old and white that gives fresh and clean impression.


Tips for Making a Simple, Attractive Website Design

That's a number of example design simple web that can So inspiration you. Well, share you want  build website, this time Dewaweb will give tips on how to make design simple and attractive website that can You try .

1.      Create intuitive and easy web navigation followed

Important For create clear and easy navigation menus  followed by users . Categorize product or content to in a number of structured group  with ok . Don't also forgot to add a search menu that makes it easy user For find the information they have need .

2.      Choose a clear and easy layout  understood

Good layout   is key For ensure user can with fast understand structure page web you . So from That consider strategic placement  For images , navigation , pop-ups , and elements important website other . Should put navigation menu in section on or headers to be easy accessed by users .

3.      Use combination simple color

Choose combination simple and appropriate colors  with identity brand or company you. Like one  example above  that is Aqua web that uses domination color blue old and white For create a fresh and clean and reflecting look a mineral water.

4.      Create responsive and mobile- friendly display

Be sure design your website responsive and able accessed through various device , either That smartphones and tablets. this  will create maximum experience .

Let's Start Your Website Design Alone !

Now You Already know What just example design simple web , next Don't forget apply the tips that have been discussed above .  You got create design attractive and appropriate simple website  with your needs .